Pivot Table Test Page

To Do List

  1. put some thought into types of data values -- units, time, bucket-values vs. number-values vs. string-values
  2. offer bar graph when there are zero levels of columns, and the data values are numbers
  3. offer bar graph when there's only one level of columns, and that column's buckets create a partition
  4. have cell background colors act as a kind of bar graph for values from 0% ot 100%
  5. have sets of axes and buckets that are independent from the data vortex
  6. create the notion of "categories" of buckets -- e.g. the "Canada" bucket is in the "Developed Nation" category
  7. add controls to turn on/off "total" rows/columns and "detail" rows/columns
  8. add controls to load pivot table data source
  9. animate bar graph using time as a z-axis
  10. make pivot controls work in the case where you pick "none"
  11. figure out how to write data back to the server -- maybe WebDAV via JavaScript

Public Domain

You can copy freely from this site. To the extent possible under law, Brian Douglas Skinner has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to the Pivot Table work with a CC0 Public Domain Dedication. This work is published from the United States.